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SS corrugated hose is a high quality general purpose industrial hose. It is produced in carbon steel, bronze, stainless steel (types 304L, 316L and 321), monel, titanium and many others. The corrugated hose is manufactured from a cylindrical, thin walled tube formed from rolled strip and joined at the seam by butt welding. Impressed into this tube is a corrugated annular profile. Annular corrugated hose has several advantages over helical hose. It is not subject to damaging torsional stress due to longitudinal expansion resulting from pressure rises.
The thickness of the metal strip, the height of the corrugations and the number of corrugations per foot all affect the performance characteristics of metal hose. Flexibility in corrugated hose  is the result of the bending of the metal corrugations. Service life varies depending upon the severity of the flexing, the temperature, corrosive conditions, pressure and vibration to which the hose is subjected.


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